Stream and Steam

Stream and Steam audio trail

The Stream and Steam Audio Trail brings the Stream and Steam Heritage Trail to life, using interviews with local people and special sound effects to build a picture of what life was like in Barnoldswick.

There are 11 audio files which correspond to the numbered locations marked on the Stream and Steam Trail map. You can play the audio files for each point on the trail below.

Even if you can't get to Barnoldswick to walk the trail you can listen to the audio trail wherever you are and let your imagination do the rest!

Audio files

Stage 1 - Start at Letcliffe Park

Stage 2 - Gillians Mill

Stage 3 - Bancroft Cotton Mill

Stage 4 - Forty Steps

Stage 5 - Clough Mill and reservoir

Stage 6 - Walmsgate

Stage 7 - The old mortuary and model lodging house

Stage 8 - Valley Gardens to the Old Corn Mill

Stage 9 - The Old Corn Mill

Stage 10 - Rolls Royce

Stage 11 - The end and return