Conservation areas

What is a conservation area?

A conservation area is an 'area of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance'.

It is the quality and interest of the area, rather than that of individual buildings that is the prime consideration in identifying conservation areas. Buildings, open spaces and landscape features, including trees, may all contribute to the special character of a conservation area.

Pendle has 23 Conservation Areas, ranging from Victorian residential, commercial or industrial areas, to those with a more rural character based on ancient farming settlements and villages.

You can view their location on our Conservation Area interactive map and also search on your address to see if your property is in a conservation area.  

You can also download individual maps of each conservation area

A map of the Borough showing the locations of the Conservation Areas across Pendle is available. Clicking on any of the numbers on this map, will open up the individual detailed map for each area.

The following pages set out information for residents living in conservation areas, or anyone who is proposing to undertake works to buildings or sites within these areas: