Private hire operator's licence

Conditions of the licence

1. Vehicle and drivers licences
The operator must not operate any vehicle as a private hire vehicle unless that vehicle has a private hire vehicle licence issued by us which is in force.

The driver of any private hire vehicle must hold a current private hire driving licence issued by us.

2. Number of passengers
The operator shall not knowingly convey or permit to be conveyed in a vehicle more people than the licence allows.

3. Standard of service
The operator shall provide a prompt, efficient and reliable service to members of the public at all reasonable times and shall in particular:

  • ensure that when a private hire vehicle has been hired for a particular time and place, the vehicle shall, unless delayed or prevented by sufficient cause, punctually attend at the appointed time and place, t
  • keep clean, adequately heated, ventilated and lit any premises which
  • he public have access, whether for booking or waiting,
  • ensure that any waiting area has adequate seating,
  • ensure that any telephone facilities and radio equipment provided are maintained in a sound condition and that any defects are repaired promptly

4. Operator's premises
The operator must obtain the necessary planning permission required for the premises and shall comply with any conditions attached.

The operator must not operate any vehicle under this licence from an address other than that shown on his application form and licence without the prior approval in writing to us.

The operator must not operate any vehicle from any premises unless planning permission is in force for those premises to be used for the purpose of operating private hire vehicles and no vehicle shall be operated otherwise than in accordance with planning permission.

5. Operator's trading name
The operator must obtain our permission to use additional trading names, other than those shown on the private hire operator's licence.

6. Display of licence
Where the operator occupies premises to which the public have access (whether for booking or waiting), the licence and conditions (or a legible photocopy) must be displayed in such a position to be readily visible.

7. Fare
When the operator accepts a hiring, he must specify to the hirer the fare or the rate of fare for the journey and shall immediately enter all the details of the hiring legibly in ink in the manner prescribed in condition 8.

8. Records
The records required to be kept by the operator under Section 56(2) must be kept in a book, prescribed or authorised by us, the pages of which are numbered consecutively. The operator shall enter, or cause to be entered therein, the following before the commencement of each journey:

  • the date when the booking is made,
  • the name of the hirer,
  • the time and point of pick-up,
  • the destination,
  • the charge made,
  • the driver's name,
  • the registration number or radio call sign of the vehicle allocated for the booking

The operator must keep records of the particulars of all private hire vehicles operated by him - namely the owners, registration numbers, private hire vehicle licence numbers, drivers and call signs used. All records kept by the operator must be kept at their place of business for a period of not less than six months following the date of the last entry and shall be produced to any authorised officer.

9. Receipt for fare
The operator must require the driver of a private hire vehicle to produce a written receipt for the fare paid to any passenger if so requested.

10. Signs
The operator must not cause or permit to be displayed in, on or from any vehicle or the premises or to be published in relation to the business any sign, notice or advertisement which consists of or includes the words "taxi" or "cab." The only advertising allowed is on the front doors of the vehicle, ie the name and telephone number of the private hire firm. No advertising is allowed on the roof of the vehicle.

11. Change of address
The operator must notify us in writing of any change of home or business address within seven days.

12. Insurance

The operator must ensure that ALL vehicles, including those of which he is not the owner or proprietor, are at all times when in use as a private hire vehicle under his operation properly insured for commercial private hire in addition to such insurance as may be required by the Road Traffic Acts.


Where the operator occupies premises to which the public have access, whether for the purposes of booking or waiting, he must insure against occupier's and public liability in a sum not less than £250,000.00.

13. Convictions
The operator must inform us of any convictions within seven days or if the operator is a company or partnership, convictions imposed on any of the directors or partners.

14. Suspension or revocation of licence 
We may at any time suspend for such period as it thinks fit or revoke the licence if the operator is in breach of any of the conditions or is convicted of any offence which in our opinion renders him no longer a fit and proper person to hold the licence.

15. Return of licence to us
In the event of the operator being given written notice that the licence has been suspended or revoked, he must immediately return the licence to us.

16. Variation of conditions
We may at any time during the period of the licence or upon renewal vary any condition.

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