Personal treatment licence

Tattoo, electrolysis, and ear piercing licence

All personal treatments, including skin piercing by tattoo, ear-piercing and electrolysis, must be registered with us by law.

Restrictions: You cannot carry out mobile skin piercing treatments. We do not allow businesses to register for mobile treatments which involve travelling to customers homes.

This is because these treatments cannot be provided safely and in accordance with the legal requirements within a domestic environment.

An inspector will visit the premises and check that the relevant qualifications have been obtained. There is a fee of £202.64 for every application.

The applicant must ensure that the procedures, equipment and facilities used:

  • are safe
  • are hygienic
  • prevent the spread of disease
  • comply fully with the general duty of care required by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

It is illegal to conduct ear piercing, tattooing, acupuncture or electrolysis unless the registration has been formally approved.

Once you have applied and paid the fee, an inspector will inspect your premises. If the inspector considers your procedures and premises to be suitable, your registration will be approved.

The inspector will also check compliance with the following bye-law requirements as well as ensuring that general health and safety requirements are being met. They are happy to offer advice or give help if you are unsure as to how to meet these obligations.

Additional requirements for the premises are:

  • All surfaces in any part of the premises used by clients must be kept clean and in good repair
  • All furniture and fittings in the treatment area must be kept clean and in good repair
  • Tables, couches, seats etc used in the treatment area must have a smooth, impervious surface which is regularly wiped down with disinfectant and covered by a disposable paper sheet, changed after each client
  • A 'No Smoking' sign must be prominently displayed

Additional requirements for the cleanliness of operatives are:

  • Any overall worn by the operative should be clean and in good repair
  • The operative's hands and nails must be kept clean
  • Any open cut, wound, sore or boil must be suitably covered by an impermeable dressing
  • The operative should not smoke nor drink in the treatment area
  • The operative should have sole use of the washing facilities which must provide hot and cold running water, soap (or a similar cleanser) and a nail brush

Additional requirements for the equipment are:

  • Any needle, metal instrument or other item of equipment used in the treatment must be in a sterile condition and kept sterile until it is used,
  • If pre-sterilised items are not used then adequate facilities must be provided for the purpose of sterilisation
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