Noise nuisance

Domestic noise

Domestic noise nuisance can comes from a wide variety of sources including:

  • Burglar alarms
  • Car alarms
  • Barking dogs
  • DIY
  • Hard floor surfaces
  • Loud music
  • Loud musical instruments such as drum kits
  • Surround sound systems
  • Crowing cockerels

If you feel you are suffering because of a domestic noise nuisance, we would encourage you to try and resolve the problem with your neighbour amicably, before making an official complaint.

If you are unable to resolve the problem, then you can make a Noise nuisance complaint

Alarm keyholder notification scheme

You can sign up for our alarm keyholder notification scheme. This allows you to register the contact details of two people who could help us deal with noise from your alarm if you are away.