Community Trigger

Reports of Community Trigger cases

October 2015

The ASB Victim described three occasions when she reported nuisance to the Police in the previous six months.

The complaints were made within one month of the incidents. The Community Trigger application was made within six months of the incidents. 

The incidents reported to the Police were likely to cause harassment, alarm and distress in their own right; were persistent and had the potential to affect the ASB Victim’s son. 

The Police confirm they received reports of nuisance on or about the dates referred to in the application.

The information gathered was referred to Pendle Anti Social Behaviour Risk Assessment Conference for a full case review on 6 October 2015.  ASBRAC was asked to consider:

  • The evidence provided both when the ASB Victim contacted the Police and in her discussion with the Council's anti-social behaviour co-ordinator
  • The fact that there were reports of nuisance prior to the three referred to
  • The fact that no other resident in the road appears to have made complaints to either the Police or the Council
  • The appropriateness of the response to the incident reporting and whether anything could have been done differently
  • What could be done to address the ASB Victim’s long term concerns; in particular with regard to the ASB Victim’s young family

ASBRAC considered the evidence and concluded:

  • The incident handling for low priority reports had been correctly followed by the Police Communications Room
  • Some follow-up work had either not been done or not been recorded; there was no audit trail of actions
  • The three calls within a month had not generated any action within the Police as a repeat caller
  • The three incident reports had not been joined up with the work already being done by the Neighbourhood Policing Team

The recommendations of ASBRAC were:

  • Priority should be given to how the area is managed in the future
  • The Police should review how repeat callers are identified and supported
  • The Police should review how repeat calls are linked back to work they are already doing and how the repeat caller can be made aware of this work