Business Rates

Paying your Business Rates

Your bill will show 10 instalments. You will be expected to pay those instalments unless you confirm in writing that you want to pay annually or half yearly. If you want to pay in 12 instalments, you need to contact us. The number of instalments is reduced if you are billed later in the financial year.

You can access your Business Rates account online and set up a direct debit

Direct Debit

57% of Business Rates payers in Pendle already pay by Direct Debit. You have a choice of two payment dates:

21st day of the month by 10 instalments (April to January), 
First day of the month by 10 instalments (April to January),
These choices are only offered to Direct Debit payers because our collection costs are much cheaper

Why choose Direct Debit?

  • It keeps collection costs down and we use the savings to improve services
  • If there is a mistake made, you are guaranteed an immediate refund
  • You are free to cancel at any time
  • You are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee

You can download a Direct Debit control app, to help you manage your bill payments.