Housing benefit

Housing Benefit Reviews

If you claim Housing Benefit, we have to review the information we hold about you. We do this as part of an initiative called the Housing Benefit Award Accuracy Initiative.

We will contact you to check that the information we have about:

  • your household
  • your income and capital
  • your general financial circumstances

is up to date.

We do this to make sure that you are getting the right amount of Housing Benefit.

If we have sent you a letter about a Housing Benefit Award Accuracy Review, you need to complete our online review form, and upload any evidence that is required.

Before you start the form, you will need:

  • your National Insurance Number
  • your Claim Reference Number – you will find this on the letter we have recently sent you and on any Housing Benefit award notifications
  • full details of your income and expenditure

Complete the Housing Benefit Review form