Garage sites in Pendle

We have garages to rent at reasonable rates in many areas of Pendle.

Garages are for personal private use only and not for commercial activities or storage.

Once you have applied, you will be put on a waiting list and we'll let you know when there is a vacancy. This will depend on the site you want and how many other people are waiting.

Our garages are intended for the storage of a motor vehicle. They are not sufficiently weather tight or secure for the storage of any other goods. You should not store petrol or any other inflammable materials in your garage. You should not sublet your garage to anyone else. There is no electricity in the garages.


If you want to give up your garage, we require the following notice:

  • Purpose built garage - one week
  • Garage plot - three months
  • Caravan plot - one month

When you give us back the keys the garage should be empty and swept through. We will charge you if we have to clear it.

Other garage sites

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