Domestic Pest Control Services

We offer a competitively priced pest control service. Our fully trained officers can give advice, and treat a wide variety of pests. 

Current charges

Rats/mice/cockroaches £26.40 per course of treatment
Wasps £44 per visit
Insects (ants, beetles, cluster flies, mites, mosquitoes, moths, silverfish) £57.20 per visit
Bed bugs £117.70 per room, up to a maximum of three visits
Fleas £66.33 per visit
Squirrels £88 for up to five visits (within two weeks of payment)
Moles Price given on survey

To request a pest treatment, click on the relevant pest below: 

Bees and moles

If you have a problem with bees or moles, then email us on A pest control officer will come to assess the situation and advise you of the best course of action.