Car parks in Pendle

We have short-stay and long-stay town centre car parks, all of which are free of charge.

When using the short-stay car parks, you must display a disc showing your time of arrival. You can pick up a free disc from all Council offices and many nearby shops.

The short-stay car parks are patrolled on a regular basis. You might get a parking ticket if you don't park in accordance with the following rules:

  • You don't display a disc
  • You show a false time of arrival (the disc should be set to the nearest quarter mark)
  • You return to your car and alter the time displayed on the disc
  • You park for longer than the maximum time allowed
  • You re-park your vehicle in the same car park within two hours of driving away
  • You park beyond the bay markings (i.e. your vehicle occupies two parking spaces)


We don't provide parking for motorhomes because of height restrictions and design constraints in our car parks.

Parking on the highway

The Highway Code provides advice and information about the laws for parking on the highway.

Directory of car parks in Pendle

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