Conservation areas

Managing conservation areas

Once a conservation area is identified, it needs to be carefully managed to ensure that the special interest of the area is not eroded.

Conservation Area Character Appraisals and Management Plans provide a clear assessment and definition of the special interests of an area, and the action needed to preserve it.

They also provide useful information on the essential characteristics of an area for anyone who may be intending to apply for planning permission.

Conservation Area Character Appraisals are available for the following conservation areas:

Conservation Area Grant Schemes

We've run many Conservation Area grant schemes in partnership with English Heritage and other funding organisations.

These grant schemes have aimed to encourage conservation-led regeneration in conservation areas by investing in the careful repair and restoration of historic buildings and features, and bringing vacant and problem buildings back into use.

Colne town centre, Barrowford and Higherford, Primet Bridge, Barnoldswick and Whitefield have all benefitted from conservation area grant schemes.

Barnoldswick Stream and Steam Heritage Trail

This project was created as part of a Heritage Economic Regeneration Scheme carried out in Barnoldswick's conservation areas, in partnership with English Heritage. The scheme funded physical improvements such as repairs to historic buildings and tree planting, focussing on those buildings and areas important to the industrial heritage of the town.

A Heritage Trail was subsequently created along the route of these grant-aided improvements; this is now proving to be a popular attraction for the town and is allowing the rich heritage of Barnoldswick to be more widely known and appreciated.

Find out more about the Stream and Steam project.

Whitefield Townscape Heritage Initiative and Conservation Area Partnership Scheme

The Council is currently operating two conservation grant schemes in the Whitefield Conservation Area, Nelson.

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