Anti-social behaviour

Minimum standards

The organisations dealing with anti-social behaviour in Pendle have the common goal of reducing the impact of anti-social behaviour on individuals and communities and supporting those who come forward to help us.

We recognise that needs vary depending on whether you are making a complaint, you are a victim of anti-social behaviour or you are acting as a witness in an anti social behaviour case.

Someone making a complaint could be a victim or a witness and may just want to alert us to anti-social behaviour without getting directly involved.
A victim will have experienced anti-social behaviour and we appreciate there may be an immediate need for support and protection.

A witness may also be a victim and will need support as the case is investigated and if it needs to go to court.

Our aims are to:

  • Protect your safety, security and confidentiality,
  • Build your confidence in our ability to manage anti-social behaviour,
  • Encourage you to report anti-social behaviour and give evidence to help us deal with it as quickly as possible with the least impact on you and your community

Our Service standards are:

  • We will respond to all first enquiries within one working day (except where landlords have negotiated a local standard with their tenants),
  • When you leave a message, we will get back to you within one working day,
  • We will remove offensive, abusive and racist or other hate-motivated graffiti reported to us by the next working day and all other graffiti reported to us within one working week,
  • we will take action on abandoned vehicles, rubbish, litter and dog fouling reported to us by the next working day, and fly-tipping within one working week