Immigration Inspection

A survey of the house will be carried out by an Environmental Health Officer who will need access to all the rooms.

They will decide whether the house is safe for people to live in. They will look at:

  • ·         General state of repair
  • ·         Kitchen and bathroom facilities
  • ·         Heating
  • ·         Ventilation
  • ·         Room size
  • ·         Potential for overcrowding

If the house is rented, we will need to see the current gas safety record. We cannot issue a letter without it.

The house you want to live in must be owned or occupied only by you and your family.

Once we have finished our survey, we will ask the sponsor to sign the inspection form. The sponsor must sign the form before the letter can be issued to confirm that the house is satisfactory.

The Immigration Authorities will not accept letters that are more than 12 weeks old. If your letter is older than this, we have to carry out another full inspection before we can issue another letter. It is really important that you don’t apply for an inspection until you are ready to submit your full application to the right authorities.

Please fill in all the information we ask for on the form. If you do not, it is possible that the High Commission may not accept the letter.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the inspection is £141. We do not give refunds once a payment has been made.

If you lose your letter, or need it altering because you have given us incorrect information, we will charge you for each copy.