Property Exemption

You can apply for a Council Tax exemption if your property fits into one if these categories:

  • It is empty because the occupant is detained (for example, in prison)
  • It is unoccupied because you have moved into a residential care home, nursing home, hospital or hostel in which you are receiving care or treatment and is now your main residence
  • It is unoccupied because the person who was liable for Council Tax has died and the property has been unoccupied since
  • Occupation of it is prohibited by law
  • It is reserved to be occupied for a minister of religion
  • It is empty because you have had to leave the property permanently to live elsewhere to receive care
  • It is empty because you have moved out of it to care for someone else
  • It has been repossessed by the mortgage provider
  • It is occupied by members of visiting forces
  • It has been left empty by someone who is bankrupt
  • It is an unoccupied caravan pitch or boat mooring
  • The only people living in it are under 18
  • It is an unoccupied annexe
  • It is the main residence of a diplomat
  • It is an annexe occupied by a dependent relative