Clinical waste

We provide a free collection service for household clinical waste which is hazardous or infectious. You must tell us of any clinical waste which is hazardous or infectious so we can collect this waste separately from your normal household waste.

This is for the collection and disposal of clinical waste items such as:

  • surgical waste
  • drugs
  • pharmaceuticals
  • bandages

If you aren't sure, please ask you healthcare professional for advice.

Non-hazardous clinical waste can be put out with your normal household waste - in your grey bin or black sacks. This includes:

  • non-infectious incontinence pads
  • non-infectious stoma/catheter bags
  • nappies
  • feminine hygiene products
  • dog faeces
  • animal bedding

Please make sure this waste is double wrapped to prevent spillages.

If you have used diabetic needles, you can return these to your doctor’s surgery using a sharps box which you can get from them free of charge. If your doctor won't accept them, then:

We can't remove clinical waste until we have assessed your application.