If you live in a flood risk area, it's a good idea to buy sandbags from your local DIY store and keep them in a shed or garage in case of an emergency. 

Community sandbag stores

There are community sandbag stores for residents and businesses in:

  • Barnoldswick - off West Close Road, just before the recycling site
  • Earby - New Road Community Centre car park, and the store next to the Station Hotel passenger shelter

The stores are opened by the town councils when heavy rain is forecast and are only for residents and businesses in those towns.

Although the Council don't have to provide sandbags, we try to help where possible during flooding emergencies. We have a limited supply of sandbags that we can give out.

Ring 01282 661661 during working hours or 01282 661999 out of hours to request sandbags.

We give out sandbags in the following priority order:

  • To prevent loss of life or serious injury
  • To maintain access for emergency services
  • To protect homes within the borough
  • To protect commercial property within the borough
  • To protect transportation routes

Sandbags will be distributed depending on the severity of flooding, the number of properties affected in each location, and the number of locations.

The number of sandbags sent out will depend on availability and an assessment of needs in the area.

Localised flooding in a small number of areas

A maximum of 4 sandbags per doorway will be distributed to the individual properties affected by flooding or threatened by flooding as requested by property owners or the emergency services. 

Major flooding in one location

Sandbags will be sent to the area. We will make every effort to help placing sandbags, especially for the elderly or disabled, but this might not always be possible.

After Flooding

We recommend if there is any risk of further flooding that sandbags are kept and stored so you can acess them quickly and easily. (Sandabgs should be stored in a dry area or off the ground and covered.)

If you are confident that there is no longer a risk of flooding wet, used sandbags can be disposed of in your grey bin. Or taken to your Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Unused, dry sandbags can be collected. Call 01282 661661 to arrange collection.