Parks events

Holding an event in one of our parks or on our land

You need permission to hold an event in a park or on land owned by us. 

Before planning your event please contact us to make sure that the area of land you want to use is available and suitable. We are unable to accommodate private functions such as wedding receptions or corporate functions.

You need to return your completed pack to us along with a risk assessment and site plan for the event. You also need a minimum of five million pounds Public Liability Insurance, proof of which must be supplied.

We need to receive all the necessary documentation at least one month prior to the event.

Daily charges and refundable bonds will be charged in accordance with the following scale to organisations using our parks and recreation grounds:

  • Fair/ Circus/ Other Commercial have a daily charge hire of £500 and a refundable bond of £1,000.00
  • Community/ Charity has no daily charge and a negotiable refundable bond

You may also incur additional costs, where we are required to provide staffing, equipment or other resources to the event.

The refundable bond will be required 14 days prior to the event and will be used to fund any necessary repairs or remedial works as a result of the event. The site will be inspected prior to the event taking place and then again after it has been vacated to ascertain any damage caused. Should the cost of repairs exceed the value of the bond, you will be invoiced accordingly for this.

You must carry out a full risk assessment to identify potential risks, the level of danger and how it can be controlled. It is important that you pinpoint any hazards and consider who it could affect. Risk management involves looking at the risks that could arise and then putting sensible health and safety measures in place to control them.

In order to deliver a safe and successful event, you will require the support of volunteers and/or paid staff. As a rule of thumb when estimating staffing levels, for every 100 people attending the event you will need one member of staff. If there are 475 people attending you will need at least five event staff.