The Mayor's Office

The Mayor and Mayoress

The Mayor for this year is Councillor David Whalley from Nelson. His wife, Barbara, is Mayoress.

Mayor David Whalley and his Mayoress Barbara Whalley

Councillor Whalley, who was born in Colne, has represented the Southfield ward for seven years and Vivary Bridge in Colne for eight years before that.

Councillor Whalley worked in mental health for 14 years before retiring and prior to that he ran Pendle Hire Centre for many years.

Barbara, our new Mayoress, was a social work manager for Lancashire County Council.

She will lead fundraising efforts for the Friends of Pendle’s Parks groups.

They have set up a Crowd Funding initiative on Just Giving in a bid to raise £1,000 for Pendle’s Park Friends by September. They also hope to increase the number of volunteers to support our local parks. 

An evening of song, dance and drama has also been arranged at the Pendle Hippodrome in Colne on 30 September to raise funds.