County councillors

County councillors are elected every four years and are democratically accountable to residents in their electoral division. Their overriding duty is to the whole community of Lancashire, but they have a special duty to their constituents, including those who did not vote for them.

You can search for your County Councillor at the Lancashire County Council website.

There are 5 county electoral divisions in Pendle:

  • Brierfield and Nelson West: County Councillor Mohammed Iqbal
  • Nelson East: County Councillor Azhar Ali
  • Pendle Central: County Councillor Joe Cooney
  • Pendle Rural: County Councillor David Whipp and County Councillor Jenny Purcell (2 seats available)
  • Pendle Hill: County Councillor Christian Wakeford

Could you be a County Councillor?

Further information about becoming a councillor 

If you require any information about standing for election, please contact Lancashire County Council by email