Fraud, corruption and whistleblowing

We have policies and practices to help us tackle any type of fraud, theft of our property and acts of dishonesty.

We have an Anti Fraud and Corruption Policy which all our staff know about. Allegations of fraud or financial irregularity are thoroughly investigated by our audit staff.

Our Bribery Policy shows how we will protect ourselves, our employees and our public from any acts of bribery.

Our Whistleblowing Policy allows staff to raise concerns in a confidential manner in the knowledge that the matter will be properly investigated and that they will be protected from any recriminations or victimisation.

Our Gifts and Hospitality Policy gives guidance to staff on the acceptance of gifts and hospitality from members of the public and suppliers.

Managing the risk of fraud 

We review and update our anti-fraud, theft and corruption arrangements regularly. We report our work every quarter to the Accounts and Audit Committee

Reporting fraud 

You can report suspected Housing and Council Tax Benefit fraud.