Local land charges

What is a local land charge?

A local land charge is a restriction on a particular parcel of land, whether to secure the payment of a sum of money, or to limit the use to which the land may be put, and is binding on successive owners or occupiers of that parcel of land.

These restrictions would not normally be shown on your deeds. Your solicitor will perform a Local Authority Search as part of your conveyancing when you buy or re-mortgage your property to highlight any of these charges.

What you need to know when buying a house

  • Are there any planning conditions, which will affect my proposed use of the property?
  • Is the house in a proposed renewal area?
  • Will I have to pay to maintain the back street?
  • Are there any proposals to build a new road nearby - will there be a flyover next to my bedroom window?
  • Will the Council be introducing traffic calming, road restrictions or even residents parking?
  • Is the extension built over a sewer?
  • Will my view be spoilt by an industrial development at the end of the garden?
  • Who maintains the footpath outside my front door?
  • Is there a public footpath affecting the property?
  • Are the trees protected by a Tree Preservation Order?
  • Is the area designated as a Conservation Area?
  • Are there any financial charges/debts for which I will become liable?