Advice for taxi passengers

If you're planning to use a taxi, here's how to make sure you're safe:

  • Only ever get into a licensed taxi. Know the difference between a hackney carriage and a private hire vehicle
  • Check that you are paying the right fare. Ask how much it will be when making a booking
  • Pre-book your taxi where possible, especially when travelling alone
  • Know where the taxi ranks are in the town centres
  • Ask if the pub/club/restaurant you are in can book a taxi for you and let you wait inside until it arrives 

Hackney carriages

  • Are mainly red in colour
  • Are mainly saloon vehicles with 5 minibus vehicles which are wheelchair accessible
  • Can be flagged down on the street, found at an authorised rank or pre-booked
  • Display green front and rear taxi licence plates
  • Charge metered fares that are regulated by the Council

Private hire vehicles

  • Can be saloon or minibus vehicles 
  • Have a blue rear private hire licence plate
  • Display stickers with the name of the private hire company on the doors
  • Charge fares set by private hire companies
  • Can only be pre-booked through a private hire company

For your safety, you should only ever use licensed vehicles as we have ensured these drivers have been fully checked. All drivers will be wearing their license badge.

Lost property

Cab drivers hand property found in their vehicles to the Police.

Where to find a taxi rank

Taxi licensing

Taxi Licensing Team,
Number One Market Street,

Public licensing register

View the public register of licences