Street collection permit

Street collections are covered by Section 5 of the Police, Factories, etc. (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1916.

Only one street collection is permitted in any area of Pendle on a particular date. For example, if there is a street collection in Brierfield, then another can be held in Colne on the same date but two collections cannot be held in Brierfield on the same date. Applicants should contact the Licensing Administration Officer so that the Licensing Register can be checked and, if available, a particular date can be reserved.

Once we have received your application, we will check that the form has been completed correctly, and issue a street collection permit.

You will receive a copy of our Street Collection Regulations, and two copies of a Form of Statement.

You must send us a completed Form of Statement within one month of the collection date. If we don't receive one, then you won't be allowed to make any further applications.

You must be over 16 to take part in a street collection.

Licensing Service

Pendle Borough Council
Town Hall
Market Street

Tel: 01282 661987