House to house collection

Application for a house to house collection licence

Apply for a house to house collection licence

Licences are issued in accordance with the House to House Collections Act 1939 and House to House Regulations 1947.

Larger charities usually have Home Office Exemption Orders and don't need a licence to carry out a house to house collection. However, we appreciate it if these larger charities tell us the dates they intend to make a collection in Pendle, so that we can mark up our register.

If a charity without an exemption order wants permission to collect in any area of Pendle, i.e. in Nelson or in Colne, or for the whole of Pendle, they must make an application. There is no charge for the application.

As part of the application, we need confirmation from the charity - on a letterhead, for example - that they are aware of the applicant collecting on their behalf.

When the application has been processed, we send a House to House Collection Licence and certificate to the successful applicant. 

The charity must send us a Statement of Account within one month of the collection date.

Licensing Service

Pendle Borough Council
Town Hall
Market Street

Tel: 01282 661987