Licensing Act 2003

Representations or objections

Applications under the Licensing Act 2003 are subject to scrutiny by experts, residents and businesses. 

Responsible Authorities, such as the Police, Fire Authorities, Health and Safety and Environmental Health Authorities, and others, are notified of every application for a new Premises Licence, or variation of an existing licence. They can make representations to us about the effect of the application.

The Act also enables residents and businesses ("interested parties") and elected Borough Councillors to make relevant representations about any application for new or for variations to licences. This gives the local community a greater say than ever before in licensing decisions.

Representations must be relevant to the four licensing objectives:

  • the prevention of nuisance
  • the prevention of crime and disorder
  • the protection of children from harm
  • public safety

Representations are considered by the Licensing Committee. If there are no representations a licence will be granted.

In addition, Responsible Authorities or other persons will have the power to apply to the licensing authority for a review of an existing licence, on a ground relating to the promotion of one or more of the licensing objectives. Such a review can result in the modification of the licence, its suspension, or ultimately, revocation.

Making a representation

In order to make a representation you can either complete an online form or contact us explaining how granting the licence would harm one or more of the licensing objectives, and how you would be affected.

Responsible Authorities or any other person also have the right to ask us to review an existing Premises Licence.

Guidance on how to make a representation or ask for a review is given at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Before asking for a review we suggest that you consider other options, and first discuss the matter with the Licensing Team.

Licensing Service

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