Event guidance

We are responsible for issuing licenses in respect of alcohol licensing and the provision of regulated entertainment.

If you want to carry out any of the following activities, you will need either a Premises License or a Temporary Event Notice for:

  • the sale of alcohol by retail anywhere whether for consumption on or off the premises

The provision of regulated entertainment:

  • the performance of a play
  • the showing of a film
  • an indoor sporting event
  • boxing or wrestling
  • a performance of live music
  • any playing of recorded music (excluding incidental background music)
  • a performance of dance
  • entertainment of a similar description to live music, recorded music or dance

Where the entertainment takes place in the presence of the public or a section of the public:

  • the provision of hot food or hot drink at any time between 11.00pm and 5.00am for consumption on or off the premises

It is a good idea to contact our Licensing Section to make an appointment to discuss your proposals, before making an application. This will ensure that your event gets off to the best, safest, possible start.

To apply for a Premises Licence or a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) you will need to contact the Licensing Office or alternatively download the relevant information and documentation.

Safety at any event is paramount. The following advice and web links will help you to plan your event and comply with legislation.

Make sure health and safety risks are managed and reduced wherever possible, all activities should be risk assessed, this includes the activities of contractors, traders etc.  For further information and advice, see the Health and Safety Executive's advice on five steps to risk assessment.
High standards of food hygiene are essential, make sure food businesses comply with relevant legislation. Food businesses should consult with the Local Authority where their business is based to ensure that they are registered in accordance with current legislation. Organisers are advised to require food traders to provide evidence that they are registered. Information on food hygiene is available from the Food Standards Agency.

Outdoor events can pose a number of public health risks, organisers should pay particular attention to the suitability and adequacy of toilet facilities, washing facilities, water supply, waste storage and disposal.  Any land normally used for animal grazing needs careful management before an event to reduce risks of disease being spread.

Emergency Planning and procedures are essential, this should include provision for unforeseen events such as bad weather.

Noise nuisance can be a significant problem with outdoor music events, organisers should make sure they liaise with Environmental Health early in the planning process and carefully manage noise levels during the course of an event.

Further useful information may also be obtained by telephoning the Health and Safety Executive hotline on 0845 345 0055.

Your right of appeal

If after a hearing we refuse permission for the event, you can appeal to a magistrate's court. There will be very little time for this unless you gave more than the statutory minimum 10 days notice of the event.