Housing advice for older people

Staying in your own home

There are different ways you can be supported at home, so you can remain there living independently.

Lancashire County Council's Adult Social Services can assess your needs and provide help and advice.

Supported living for people with disabilities at Lancashire

Sheltered housing

There are a number of sheltered housing schemes in Pendle. These are ideal if you want to live independently, in comfort and security with the opportunity to socialise and get involved with leisure activities when you want.

Together Housing is the main provider of sheltered accommodation in Pendle. Any properties which become vacant are advertised through the B-with-us scheme.

Assisted living

Extra care housing is popular with people whose disabilities, frailty or health needs make ordinary housing unsuitable, but who do not need or want to move to long term care (residential or nursing homes). Assisted living homes and extra care housing are listed on the Housing Care website

Residential care homes

A residential home is a place where a number of people live together, looked after by care staff who are available 24 hours per day. 

Nursing homes

A nursing home is a place where people who need nursing care live together and are looked after by trained nursing staff.