Affordable Warmth Grant

One of the best ways of keeping yourself well during winter is to stay warm. Keeping warm over the winter months can help prevent colds, flu or more serious health conditions. We are working with Lancashire County Council to provide grants through our Affordable Warmth Grant Scheme.  

Am I eligible for an Affordable Warmth Grant?

You may be eligible for a grant if you are the owner occupier of your property AND you are vulnerable, or on a low income.

What can the grant be used for?

The grant can be used for things like:

  • servicing, repairs amd replacement boilers and heating systems
  • repairs to radiators and radiator reflectors
  • gas fire services and repairs
  • draught proofing
  • ventilation measures
  • loft insulation
  • emergency heating
  • advice on fuel poverty

How do I know if I am vulnerable?

Vulnerabilities can be things like:

  • a diagnosed cardiovascular condition
  • a diagnosed respiratory condition (in particular COPD and childhood asthma)
  • a diagnosed mental health condition
  • a diagnosed disability
  • aged 65 or over
  • have children aged 5 or under
  • pregnant
  • terminally ill
  • have a suppressed immune system (e.g. from cancer treatment or HIV)
  • mobility issues and have attended hospital due to a fall

Low Income:

Whether you are on a low income will be confirmed in one of the following three ways:

  • being on a qualifying benefit
  • completing a fuel poverty assessment
  • a declaration by the Council or a health/social care professional that affordability issues are present

The qualifying benefits are:

  • Income Support
  • Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
  • Disability Living Allowance
  • Personal Independence Payment
  • Attendance Allowance
  • Employment Support Allowance
  • Pension Credit
  • Universal Credit
  • Working Tax Credit (with an assessed household income of less than £15,860 per year)
  • Child Tax Credit (with an assessed household income of less than £15,860 per year)
  • War Disablement Pension (must include mobility supplement or constant attendance allowance)
  • Industrial Injuries Benefit (must include constant attendance allowance) 

How do I apply?

Fill in our Affordable Warmth Grant form