Air quality

We monitor air quality in Pendle and assess the results against the National Air Quality Objectives

Every three years we produce a full review and assessment report, submitting progress reports in between.

Read our latest Air Quality Annual Status Report

We look at current air quality and how changes to industry or transport may impact on the quality of air locally. 

Levels of pollution from road traffic in the Skipton Road/Windsor Street area of Colne were above the levels set down by the government. This area is an Air Quality Management Area and we have to develop a plan to reduce pollution in this area. 

We have carried out regular monitoring of nitrogen dioxide levels at a number of locations across Pendle for many years, using passive detectors. Nitrogen dioxide is a gas emitted mainly by road traffic, and is one of the pollutants most likely to affect Pendle. 

The Skipton Road monitoring results are collated and submitted to Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). Pollution levels are assessed against the National Air Quality Objectives. If the air quality objectives are likely to be exceeded, we must take action.

We try to ensure that substantial new development does not adversely affect air quality in the borough. We ask for air quality assessments as part of an Environmental Impact Assessment associated with the planning application.