Dog warden service


Education is a key part of our work as Dog Wardens. Our primary and secondary school education programmes take an active approach to engaging youngsters with dogs from an early age. These programmes are open to any groups who feel they may benefit.

We talk about dog related issues in an informative and friendly manner. We also bring a well behaved and friendly dog in for school children to meet.

Issues talked about include:

  • the work of the Dog Wardens,
  • Stray dogs - what is a stray dog and why we have to care for them,
  • Problems of stray dogs to the environment, people and other animals,
  • The legal bit - around dog fouling, tagging dogs, stray dogs,
  • Good dog ownership, including the promoting of microchipping and pooper scooping,
  • Approaching dogs in a sensible way,
  • Basic dog care,
  • Dogs in the countryside,
  • Dogs left in cars,
  • Dogs for life

If you are a school or organisation and you would like to arrange a visit, please contact us.