Anti social behaviour

We are often asked to help with problem dogs and their owners. This can be where a dog has directly attacked another animal, or where a dog is causing a general nuisance in an area, for example, persistently straying.

In such cases, we have legal powers to serve Community Protection Notices against owners. In more serious cases, owners could face prosecution.

If you are having issues with a dog in your area, report it using the Dog Form.

What to do if a person is attacked by a dog or you fear an attack may happen

Contact the Police. They will respond and conduct an investigation. They will work with us to make sure that the dog and owner are dealt with appropriately. 

What to do if you think you have seen a dog behave in a way that makes you think it may be capable of attacking someone

Contact us, with details of the owner and the dog. We will investigate further. 

What if I see a type of dog banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act?

Contact the Police. They will work with us to identify the type of dog, and refer suspect types to the Dog Legislation Officer at Police Headquarters.