Dog warden service

Stray, lost and found dogs

If you have lost or found a dog, report it to us on 01282 661743 (or 01282 661999 if outside normal working hours) as soon as possible.

Stray dogs

If a dog is out in a public place unattended, it is considered to be stray - even if it is wearing a collar or is microchipped.

Stray dogs can cause road accidents, attack people or animals, foul and cause a general nuisance to local residents.

When a stray dog is reported, the Dog Wardens respond as soon as possible to try and find the dog and bring it to safety. Once the dog has been collected, we do everything possible to reunite the dog with its owners as quickly as possible.

Did you know that if you find a dog you are legally required to report it to your local authority? If you don't, you could be fined up to £500 and be open to allegations of theft.

We often have to take stray dogs to our stray kennels at Aspen Valley, Oswaldtwistle. If this happens, you will have to pay in order to reclaim your dog. Fees are currently:

  • £48 first day charge (this includes a £36 statutory fee)
  • £8.50 per day or part day kennelling charge (from the second day onwards)
  • Costs for any veterinary treatment received by your dog

Dogs are kept at the kennels for seven full days to allow owners time to claim them. If they are not claimed, the dogs are put up for re-homing. In a few cases, health or temperament issues mean they are destroyed.

Lost dogs

If you have lost your dog, there are several things you can do:

  • Phone us on 01282 661743 as soon as possible to report your dog as lost.
  • If you're calling out of hours, phone 01282 661763 and leave a message with the date, time, area and description of your dog, along with your contact details. Your message will be received by the Dog Warden the next working day
  • Contact our stray kennels between 10 - 4 on 01254 233702 to see if your dog has been taken there. Pictures of stray dogs that are in the kennels can be seen on the Aspen Valley Kennels website
  • You can ring vets in the local area in case your dog has been taken there
  • If you live near the border of Pendle, it might be worth ringing the Dog Warden for the neighbouring authority in case it was collected by them and not us
  • Report your dog as lost to the police. Dogs are classed as property. if you report it to the police, they will keep a record and contact you if it is found. The police do not have a responsibility to take in stray dogs - this is now our responsibility

Remember, if your dog has the correct ID tags and is microchipped this helps to ensure it can be returned to you quickly.