Our markets

Customer complaints and feedback

Even with the best of intentions, sometimes things can go wrong and it helps us to know about it. We welcome the chance to put things right as soon as we can. We are also keen to hear feedback and suggestions for improving our service.

In the first instance, where a customer or trader has concerns or enquiries relating to any part of the market operation, contact should be made with the individual market manager or any member of staff within the market concerned.

They will listen to the concern or enquiry and in most cases will hopefully be able to quickly remedy any issues causing concern. In all cases we will deal with you courteously, fairly and without favour.

Where a customer or trader is not happy with the market staff's actions or responses then they should contact the Market Manager or the Senior Surveyor within Liberata's Property Services Section.

Alternatively, you can download a Markets Complaints Form and return it by post.

We have a formal complaints system that will operate after you have asked us or our partners to remedy a problem and you are not satisfied with the way it has been dealt with.

Complaints about items bought

Customers should initially make their complaint direct to the trader in question in a polite manner. Hopefully the trader will remedy any dispute there and then.

Where customers are not satisfied with the response or action of a trader, the market manager can only become involved if the trader is in breach of any of the market's terms and conditions. They can not become involved where the complaint relates to goods legitimately and freely sold from the stalls. The market staff however are always prepared to listen to a complaint and where they can become involved will do so.

Advice is available for customers who have bought goods from a trader and have a specific complaint on the Trading Standard's website or alternatively from the consumer rights pages on the GOV.UK website.