Missed bin collection

Your bin must be out by 7.30am on collection day. You can put it out the night before after 6pm.

You can report a missed bin collection at these times:

  • after 6pm on your collection day 
  • before the end of the next working day.

There are some reasons why we do not collected a bin:

  • The bin was not out on your collection day (Check your bin collection day)
  • It was not out by 7.30am
  • It was not put in the correct place for collection
  • It was overloaded or too heavy
  • If you left extra waste by the side of the bin. We do not collect extra waste
  • It was not accessible. For example, we could not access your road or back street with our bin wagon.
  • Severe weather conditions (ice, snow or flooding). If this happens, please leave your bin out. We know which streets we have missed, and we will come back to collect it.
  • It contained items which are not accepted. We will put a sticker on your bin to tell you this. You need to remove the items that shouldn't be there, and put your bin out on your next collection day.

If you are elderly or registered disabled and need help putting your bins out for collection see our assisted collections.

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