Disabled Band Reduction

Complete this form to apply for a Council Tax Disabled Band Reduction.

What is a Disabled Band Reduction?

You may be eligible for a reduction in the Council Tax banding of your property if you live in a larger property than you would otherwise need because you or another occupant are disabled. To be eligible, you need to show you have either:

  • an extra bathroom, kitchen or other room that you need for the disabled person
  • extra space inside the property for using a wheelchair

The property must be the main home of at least one disabled person. This can be an adult or a child - it doesn't have to be the person responsible for paying Council Tax.

If you apply for a reduction, and you meet the criteria, your Council Tax bill is reduced to the amount payable for a home in the valuation band below yours. If you are in the lowest band already (Band A), you get a reduction of one sixth of the bill.

You will need to know your Council Tax Account Number, which is on the top of your bill.