Changes to recycling collections

We're changing the way we collect your recycling.

The changes will start in April:

  • Cardboard and paper will be collected every four weeks
  • Your brown bin, for glass bottles/jars, cans and plastic bottles will be collected every four weeks

The day you have your collections will stay the same, but you will get a different recycling collection on different weeks. Here is an example:

Week 1 Grey bin Rubbish
Week 2 Brown bin Glass bottles/jars, cans and plastic bottles
Week 3  Grey bin Rubbish
Week 4 Blue bin/green box/cardboard box or carrier bag Cardboard and paper

We'll be sending you a new calendar in March so you know which dates we'll be collecting what.

Garden waste

Your garden waste collections will stay the same.

Recycling roadshows

We are having three roadshows so you can come anytime to find out more about the changes:

  • 22 February from 12 noon until 6pm at Asda in Colne
  • 24 February from 10am until 2pm at Morrisons in Nelson
  • 28 February from 2pm until 6pm at the Co-op in Barnoldswick

Bins for recycling

Blue bin - paper and card

You can order a free blue bin if you need more room to store your paper and card. You can order more than one if you want. There is a 240 litre blue bin, which is the same size as your grey bin. 

Make sure you order your bin between Monday 5 February and Friday 2 March

You do not have to have a blue bin. You can still use a green box, carrier bags and/or cardboard boxes if you want. 

Brown bin - glass bottles/jars, cans and plastic bottles

Most people already have a large brown for their glass bottles/jars, cans and plastic bottles. But if you have one of the smaller bins, and think you may need more room, you can order a bigger brown bin.

Unwanted bins

If you have any bins or containers that you do not want anymore, we can collect them from you.

When is my collection day?

You can find out using our bin collections map.  But remember, the map shows current collections. The new collections will be shown as soon as they start in April.

What can I recycle?

You can check our recycling directory to find out what you can put in your recycling bins.