House to house collection

Application for a house to house collection licence

Apply for a house to house collection licence

Larger charities are usually granted Home Office Exemption Orders and therefore do not require a licence to carry out a house to house collection. However, it would be appreciated if these larger charities could inform us of the dates on which they intend to make a collection in the Borough, so that our register can be marked up.

Licences are issued in accordance with the House to House Collections Act 1939 and House to House Regulations 1947.

If a charity without an exemption order wants permission to collect in one area of the Borough, i.e. in Barrowford, in Nelson or in Colne, an application must be made to the Police at Hutton, Preston. The telephone number is 01772 614444. The Police would inform us of any licences issued. 

If a charity without an Exemption Order wants permission to collect throughout the whole of the Borough, then we would process the application. The application form should be completed and returned to us.

No fee is payable for this type of application.

When an application has been processed, we will forward a House to House Collection Licence and certificate to the successful applicant. 

Within one month of the collection date, the charity must forward to us a Statement of Account. 

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