Grass cutting

Cutting grassed areas

We look after the grassed areas throughout Pendle in the following areas:

  • Parks
  • Open and Closed Churchyards
  • Public open spaces
  • Memorial Gardens
  • Sports pitches (including bowling greens)
  • Grass verges around Pendle's highways

We don't look after grassed areas that are:

  • privately owned
  • on private housing estates
  • on Housing Pendle Property

Grass cuttings

We don't collect grass cuttings for the majority of our grassed areas (except bowling greens and certain lawn areas within Parks and Town Gardens).

We recycle all the grass cuttings we do collect and use the compost in our parks.

Grass cutting schedule

We aim to start cutting grassed areas from 1 April each year and to cut on a 2-3 week basis throughout the summer, through to the end of September.

Ornamental gardens and recreational pitches (particularly bowling greens) are cut on a weekly basis.

We aim to use a hazard free Herbicide, making it safe to use for not only the operators, but the public, wildlife and pets.

Weed spraying streets and relevant footpaths takes place from April - September, dependant on weather conditions. Again, only environmentally friendly chemicals are used.

We try to ensure all of Pendle's grassed areas are maintained to the highest standards using the most environmentally friendly products and machinery. Wherever possible we use suitable machinery to prevent any damage.

We try our best to cut grass throughout the summer irrelevant of weather conditions, however, very inclement weather, in particular prolonged heavy rain could prevent us cutting and maintaining these areas and could result in a backlog with our schedule.

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