Bereavement services

We manage 6 cemeteries and 1 woodland burial ground at:

  • Barrowford Cemetery (which contains the woodland burial area)
  • Colne Cemetery
  • Earby Cemetery (also known as Wheatlands Cemetery)
  • Ghyll Cemetery, Barnoldswick
  • Nelson Cemetery
  • Salterforth Cemetery

We also maintain Sough Park War Memorial and 10 closed burial grounds and various war memorials throughout the Borough.

We are responsible for the general upkeep and maintenance of the sites as well as the interment of the deceased. There are facilities at each cemetery for commemorating loved ones who wished to be cremated. Details of the facilities can be obtained directly from Bereavement Services.

We have skilled and highly trained staff who dedicate their time to ensuring all cemeteries and closed churchyards are maintained to the highest standards within the allocated budgets, and that all interments are conducted with the utmost respect and dignity. Special requests can normally be accommodated providing sufficient notice is received by Bereavement Services.

We have a Memorial Safety Inspector who makes regular inspections in all cemeteries and closed churchyards to ensure memorials are safe in accordance with the Code of Working Practice. If necessary action is taken to ensure safety is maintained by performing a memorial safety inspection.

We are members of BRAMM - British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons and only Accredited Memorial Firms with registered 'fixers' are able to conduct work within our Cemeteries therefore ensuring work is completed to the highest standard.

In order to ensure you are contacting an accredited firm please visit the BRAMM web site.

Bereavement Counselling

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