Performance management

Performance indicators

Performance indicators can help to make services more effective. They help to improve performance by giving us a base from which to get better. They help us to look for good practice and opportunities to learn from others. They also ensure that we focus on our key priorities and investigate areas which are performing poorly.

Due to the Government changes, we are no longer required to provide statutory performance indicators. Therefore, we have adopted a different approach of introducing a set of performance indicators that are mainly productivity based. This will allow us to see how well we are performing with the resources we have, and where improvements can be made. Also we will aim to ensure that our approach to performance management arrangements remains fit-for-purpose, and we retain focus on our priorities and deliver high quality, accessible services.

Additionally, the Government has introduced the Single Data List, which details the minimum data that Central Government needs from Local Authorities. This list is not a replacement for statutory performance indicators that Government needs but a list of key data returns that Government requires us.