Heritage Regeneration in Whitefield

Whitefield partnership schemes in conservation areas (PSICA)

This was set up to enable a number of small heritage regeneration projects to be carried out in the Whitefield Conservation Area.

Funding for the scheme is provided by ourselves and English Heritage.

The Whitefield PSICA is focusing on a number of projects in the area.

Bridge Cottage

Located immediately adjacent to the canal, the property dates back to the mid-late 1800's and was formerly the Gatehouse for Lomeshaye House, home of the wealthy Ecroyd family who were successful in the local textiles industry.

The Hall was demolished in the 1930's, being located on a site now occupied by houses at Lomeshaye Place and the M65 motorway.

The property became unoccupied and fell into disrepair but through recent grant funding it has been brought back into use following repairs to its roof, windows and structural work and pointing to external walls.

Spring Cottage

Located on Manchester Road, Spring Cottage is a mid 19th century rebuilding of an earlier house to create a high status 'gentleman's residence' with links to the Ecroyd family who were prominent in the local textile industry.

The Grade II listed property lay derelict for quite a few years and was subject to squatters, arson attacks and water ingress though partial loss of the roof.

The current owners are undertaking a major project to bring the property back into use through their own funding and a Partnership Scheme grant.

Railings Re-instatement Scheme

The grid pattern of terraces came about through landowners selling off land in a piecemeal fashion following which terraced housing was built street by street.

Each terrace has its own distinctive features. Some of these terraces opened directly onto the pavement whilst others incorporated small front gardens with low walls and railings.

The second world war saw the removal of most of the railings in order to recycle the raw material for military vehicles.

The grant funding has allowed research into original designs using historic photographs and the reinstatement of railings on a number of key streets in the Whitefield Conservation Area.  

Lomeshaye School

Dating back to 1865 having been built by the Ecroyd family it allowed children of their mill workers to be educated.

Built of local sandstone in a gothic style, architectural detail includes a distinctive quatrefoil window in one elevation, stone carved figurine corbels flanking either side of a gothic pointed arch over the main door and the steep roof pitch associated with that style.

The scheme is also funding repairs to the Lychgate at the Grade II listed St Mary's Church.