Vision, Values, Aims and Objectives

Our Vision

We want Pendle to be

"... a place where quality of life continues to improve and where people respect one another and their neighbourhoods.  We want Pendle to be a place where everyone aspires to reach their full potential.  

We want to be recognised locally, regionally and nationally as a great area to live, learn, work, play and visit.”

Our Values

P - Pride. Take pride in all you do. believe in Pendle and be an ambassador for the Council. Don't forget our customers.

E - Enterprising. Be open to doing things differently. Ensure public money is spent in the smartest way. Don't ignore new ways of working.

N - No blame. Don't be afraid to fail. Together we achieve more. Act in an open, honest and friendly manner. Don't ignore the impact your behaviour has on others.

D - Determined. Face challenges in a positive way. Make the effort to find information out yourself. Don't limit your opportunities to learn and grow.

L - Listen. Listen to and support others. Value alternative views. Don't forget to thank others for their contribution.

E - Equality. Value differences and celebrate diversity. Ask for help and support when needed. Don't make assumptions about people.

Our Strategic Aims 

We are committed to working with our partners to create a vibrant and progressive borough that seeks to conserve and enhance our quality environment and the character of our community. A borough in which diversity is valued and the contribution of all our communities is recognised.

Our Strategic Objectives

Our four strategic objectives are as follows:

Working with partners and the community to sustain services of good value (Strong Services)

Through effective partnership working we will ensure that we procure and provide good value services that meet the needs of residents, visitors, and businesses.  We will prioritise resources accordingly and operate decision-making structures that are open, transparent and accountable.

Helping to create and sustain jobs with strong economic and housing growth (Strong Economy)

We will work with our private sector partners to generate jobs and economic and housing growth in Pendle in a way that secures its long-term economic, environmental and social wellbeing.

Help to create and sustain resilient communities (Strong Communities)

We will acknowledge and build upon the borough’s diversity, demonstrating our community leadership role by working with and empowering our partners and local people to provide clean, healthy, safe and cohesive communities.  We will endeavour to maintain the quality of our environment through effective and efficient services, education, community involvement, partnership working and enforcement.

Maintaining a sustainable, resilient and efficient organisation (Strong Organisation)

We will ensure that, as an organisation, we are suitably placed to deliver the priorities identified for Pendle and its residents.  To do this we will employ the right people with the right skills in the right job.  We will maintain robust financial processes, standards and systems optimising the technology and resources we have available to us, making us more efficient and effective in our service delivery.