COVID-19 Grants for Businesses

Both of the Omicron grant schemes are now closed.

Grant One - The Omicron Hospitality, Leisure and Accommodation Grant

We have been able to provide support to 182 local businesses and paid out a total of £571,377.

Grant Two - Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) Round 6  

We received 629 applicants. 539 of these applications have been successful.  There were a number of duplicate applications, and we have been able to support some of the applicants under the Omicron Hospitality, Leisure and Accommodation Grant. We have not been able to support businesses that are no longer trading.

So that we can support as many businesses as possible, we have set the amount of grant that wil be paid to businesses as follows:

  • fixed premises businesses will receive £850
  • mobile and self-employed businesses will receive £425

This is lower than we had firs thought, but we are really pleased that we have been able to help so many local businesses.

Payment will be made on 31 March 2022, and in total, we will be paying out £322,575 to local businesses.

Successful applicants will shortly receive an email confirming payment. 

All funds have now been allocated, and there are no grounds for appeal. No further funding is available.