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Tackling taxi problems in Pendle

Published: Friday, 11th November 2016

Pendle Council is calling a meeting on Tuesday 22nd November with taxi companies whose cars are persistently failing spot checks.

Councillor David Clegg, Chairperson of the Taxi Licensing Committee said: 

“The result of the last spot check was that 81% of vehicles had their licences suspended and were taken off the road.”

“With the support of the police and the Government’s Vehicle Operator Services Agency Pendle Council carries out routine unannounced spot checks on taxis to make sure they are roadworthy and safe for our residents to use.

“We do not pre-warn companies of these checks,” he stressed.
At a previous spot check 71% of vehicles failed the test.

“We take a tough line with taxi companies who fail the test and we are keen to reverse this worrying downward trend,” said Councillor Clegg.

“Whilst there are many Pendle taxi companies who maintain their vehicles to a good standard, there are a number of operators which are letting us all down,” he said.

Pendle taxi companies who’ve had a high failure rate over successive checks are
ACE, A-Line/Local, BCN, Crown/Greenline, Kings, Matrix, Metro, Street Cars, Superline, UK, Union and VIP.

Councillor Clegg added: 

”We are very concerned at the continual failure of vehicles associated with these companies. 

“That’s why they must attend a meeting of the Taxi Licensing Committee this month to discuss the poor maintenance of their vehicles. 

“We will discuss the implications of this for their operators’ licences,” he added.
The taxi companies which passed the test and have taken care of their vehicles are A1, C & E, SD Cars and Victors.