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Nelson’s cenotaph is being updated – tell us if a name is missing!

Published: Wednesday, 1st March 2023

Nelson cenotaph

Nelson cenotaph

Is a name missing from the Nelson cenotaph or have you noticed a detail which needs to be changed?

In spring the cenotaph outside the library in Nelson town centre is being dismantled so that it can be updated. 

A new name is being added and an amendment is being made on the memorial to Nelson’s war dead. 

The work is being done by Pendle Borough Council supported by Pendle Armed Forces Support Group. 

Mike Sutcliff, who represents Pendle Armed Forces Support Group, said: “Every effort and much research was done by Fred Stringer to ensure the details on the memorial are correct. 

“There are more than 1,350 names and over the past 15 years we’ve only needed to add around five names and make a couple of amendments.” 

The memorial remembers those who died in National Service, the First and Second World Wars, Korea, Afghanistan and other conflicts. 

Names include Victoria Cross recipient Graham Thomson-Lyall, son of a St Mary’s Church vicar, and Michael Foley, a Nelson soldier who died in Afghanistan in March 2012. 

The Council and Armed Forces Support Group are keen to take this opportunity to ensure that everything is correct and make any other changes needed. 

Councillor Mike Goulthorp, Deputy Leader of Pendle Borough Council, said: “It’s so important that we don’t miss any Nelson men or women who have been killed serving their country. 

“We want to make sure that everyone who should be remembered is added and if there are any details which are incorrect, please tell us.” 

Mike Sutcliff explained that there is now a seven week window to put forward any changes before the Nelson cenotaph is secured again for a further five years.  

If you think you have a relative whose name should be added, or a correction to a relative already named on the memorial, please let the Council or Armed Forces Support Group know. 

You can contact: 

Pendle Borough Council – Scott Whalley Tel: 01282 661050 or email: 

Armed Forces Support Group - Michael Sutcliff Tel: 01282 613132 or email: