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Colne Market Hall

Published: Wednesday, 11th January 2023


A big clean-up has taken place at Colne Market Hall today (Wednesday 11 January) following a burst pipe in the empty flats above.

The indoor Market Hall remains closed today but it’s hoped it will reopen tomorrow (Thursday 12 January). Shaw's fruit and veg remains open.

Pendle Borough Council was alerted to the major leak at 4.30am this morning.

Staff were immediately on site clearing the flood and ensuring the safety of the building.

Richard Gibson, Director of Resources for Pendle Borough Council, said: “When market staff arrived at Colne Market Hall there was about an inch of water in parts of the market.

“The traders were called to inform them of the incident so that they could come to the market to assess damage to their stock.

“The water has been turned off to stop the leak but plumbers are on site to identify the path of the pipework so that the burst pipe can be fixed.

“Electricians are also on site and are isolating any electrical circuits which may be affected.

“All the standing water has now been cleared and we are continuing to support traders in this extremely difficult situation.

“We’re hoping to re-open tomorrow (Thursday 12 January).”