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Pendle shows solidarity with Ukraine with formal pledge

Published: Wednesday, 30th March 2022

Full council

Pendle Borough Council formally pledged its support to the Ukrainian people during the current crisis at last week’s Full Council meeting (Thursday 23 March). 

It also passed a notice of motion which condemns all attacks against innocent civilians in Ukraine, Palestine, Kashmir and other areas of the world. 

Councillors vowed to stand in unity with fellow humans caught up in conflicts. 

And they agreed that the Council should write to the Government to encourage it to play an increased role to end all conflicts across the world and continue to adopt a fair and level foreign policy approach. 

As a sign of the Council’s support and commitment to the Ukranian people, the Ukranian flag is now flying over Nelson Town Hall. 

In addition, a number of practical steps were agreed. 

  • Urgently review the Council’s commissioning activity and our own supply chain to ensure that there is no exposure to Russian interests that could in any way help finance President Putin’s regime and its aggressive policies. 
  • Review the Council’s position regarding cyber security around our systems and communications. 
  • Ask Lancashire County Council to consider the Local Government Pension Scheme’s exposure to Russian assets and, where it is possible, to divest those holdings. 
  • Continue to monitor the current situation as it evolves, so that the Council can stand ready to support a multi-agency response across the borough regarding the crisis and the likely influx of Ukrainian refugees. 
  • Make contact with Pendle’s Ukrainian residents and ask them if we can offer their families practical help. 
  • Continue to work closely with the Lancashire Refugee Integration Team at Lancashire County Council, which has an impressive raft of support. 

Information has been included on the Council’s website with links to support groups and organisations, as well as travel advice to and from Ukraine and how to make donations.  

Visit for more information.