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Pendle’s councillors adopt updated Contaminated Land Strategy

Published: Friday, 25th March 2022

Decision making for Pendle

How Pendle Borough Council will deal with contaminated land over the next five years has been agreed by councillors.

The Council’s updated Contaminated Land Strategy 2022- 2027 was adopted on Thursday 24 March at this month’s Full Council meeting.  

Michael Duck, from Pendle Borough Council’s Environmental Health team, said: “Councils have a duty to review their contaminated land strategies every five years.  

“It ensures that land which could pose a risk to humans and the environment is identified and made suitable for its current use.”  

Contaminated land is largely a result of historic industrial activities.   

During the 20th century a large-scale re-organisation of towns and cities meant industries moved out or disappeared, leaving large brownfield sites and a legacy of contaminated land.  

Pendle Borough Council has a duty to keep a public register of contaminated land.  

Currently, only Green Works, Knotts Lane in Colne has been designated as contaminated land under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 Part IIA.  

There are 1,073 sites which are considered to be potentially contaminated.  

Michael explained: “These sites are dealt with through our planning process.  

“When a planning application is put forward on potentially contaminated land, a detailed assessment of the area will need to be carried out before any development can take place.”