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Pendle makes key budget decisions and sets Council Tax

Published: Friday, 25th February 2022

Cllr. Nadeem Ahmed

At the annual Special Budget Council meeting on Thursday 24 February, councillors set the budget for Pendle for the coming year from 1 April 2022.

The Council agreed a Council Tax increase of 1.99%, the same percentage increase as the last two years.

Councillor Nadeem Ahmed, Leader of Pendle Borough Council, said:

“We have followed Government guidance and restricted our Council Tax increase to 1.99%. 

“Over 60% of homes in Pendle are in Band A, so our increase on the Council Tax is £3.66 for the year - which is 7p per week. 

Councillor Ahmed added:

“This still leaves a significant funding gap between the Council’s income and its cost base, which will be adversely affected by inflation, the current rate of which is expected to peak at 7.25% in 2022. 

“This means Pendle Borough Council has a funding gap of £8m over the next three years.

“To meet this challenge, we are investing in a Transformation Programme which puts customers central to everything we do and looks at making sure we can still provide the Council’s high quality services, whilst creating a sustainable and resilient Council.”

And he further added:

“We will harness the talent of our organisation by working together, co-designing new approaches, new delivery models, and bringing innovation through digital approaches and investment in ICT capabilities.

“Our strategy is to be financially sustainable after the three year Transformation Programme.

“We are confident that by working together with the right approach, our improvements will support our financial position.”

Key decisions at Budget Council for 2022 - 2023 include capital investment for:

  • The extension of Lomeshaye Industrial Estate for jobs and business expansion
  • Climate change initiatives including flood alleviation
  • Brownfield site regeneration
  • Housing projects through PEARL regeneration
  • Contribution to the £25 million Nelson Town Deal projects
  • Car park improvements